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Michele Farrell

Michele Farrell

Financial Planner & Retirement Specialist

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Oregon Pacific Financial Advisors has expanded into Southern California with one of their newest financial planners, Michele Farrell. Joining OPFA in 2021, Michele’s passion and mission is to lead, inspire and educate women about financial literacy. By helping women understand how money works, they can grow and preserve their nest egg and leave a legacy for generations to come. Women gift so much to the world and yet so often are overlooked when it comes to financial planning.

Michele started her career in the financial planning sector when she realized the difference she could make in the lives of women. She lost her dad at age 9, a financial hardship for her mom. Her dad had all his life insurance through work, was laid off, lost those benefits and died three short weeks later of a heart attack. This left her mom to fend for herself, not knowing where to turn. Her nest egg had been invested by a traditional broker who made decisions best for his family, not hers. When her mom had to medically retire at 65, she only had $10,000 in retirement savings. Michele vowed that she would not let that happen to the women in her life and those she meets daily.

Michele was raised and has lived in Southern California for most of her life. Her work was recognized by the Los Angeles Tribune in 2020 as Financial Advisor of the Year “…for consistently putting the well-being of the community and her clients as her top priority.”1 She continues this work because she believes you deserve the absolute best when it comes to your hard-earned money and should accept nothing less.

Michele is not only is she a valued member of her local community, but she can also help clients nationwide.

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Michele Farrell acts as a non-registered associated person with United Planners.  All advisory and financial planning services are done through Oregon Pacific Financial Advisors, independently of United Planners.