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At Oregon Pacific Financial Advisors, we serve both individuals and businesses with a variety of financial services. Clients can expect an unequaled standard of excellence in our personalized value-added services. We have become indispensable to our clients by assisting them in making educated, intelligent financial decisions.

Your initial meeting with us is complimentary; fees are quoted and agreed upon in advance, and are clearly disclosed. 

Personalized and Comprehensive Financial Plans

Our Life By Design™ Process will lead you through a guided discovery meeting.

Capturing your vision and goals allows us to analyze, design and develop your personal strategy. Next we will guide and consult with you as your plan moves forward toward your goals.

In essence we answer the question, “we have accumulated assets along the way but what does it all mean to us?”

Then, equally as important, we meet quarterly and annually to update and monitor your progress.

Retirement Planning

Financial Planning migrates to Retirement Planning when your focus becomes receiving income from your assets and no longer depositing into your assets.

This stage in your life demands careful attention to detail. It requires a different thought process in managing your wealth and managing your time. Retirement Planning is more than money, it is actually a new life with new opportunities and challenges.

We have retired, with our clients, hundred of times in our careers.
We know how to help guide you there!

Investment Management

Many people have assembled their investment portfolios one investment at a time without coordination or focus on their long-term objectives.

After we have completed your Life By Design™ Plan we then use our research resources to find an appropriate investment strategy that fits your goals. By outsourcing our investment management we can hire for you hand-picked managers, giving us more time to monitor your plan and the managers’ performance.

Risk Management

You can’t predict your future. But you can take steps today to prepare for it. The best investment, retirement or estate plan can quickly be undermined by death, serious illness or lawsuit. But as your advisor we can help you guard against threats like these by reviewing your current insurance position; evaluate the types and levels of coverage that would adequately protect you and your family; and make realistic recommendations to reduce your exposure to those risks.

We have specialists to help you with life, long term care and disability insurance.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning can look many different ways. Most people think it is planning only if you die. While it does plan around your death, it can have many benefits while you are still alive.

The Estate Planning process is similar to the Financial Planning process in that we lead you through a Five Step Estate Planning Process from determining our compatibility to transitioning to the Goal Achiever ™ stage.

We leverage our intellectual capital by drawing on resources and advisors across the country to deliver a state of the art, current strategies plan.

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