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The Life by Design Podcast

Join Royal Standley as he discusses the Life By Design™ process, walking you through the steps he takes with clients and what he does to help them articulate their goals. Royal also explains how the process helps clients plan for their future, so they can live their best lives.

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Episode 21: Transitioning into Retirement

When planning for retirement, the conversations you have with your advisor may focus only on the financial side of this new life stage. Sometimes, advisors fail to communicate that there is also an emotional side of retirement that can be challenging for many.

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Episode 20: How to Plan for Retirement Later in Life

There are many reasons why people start planning for retirement later in life, but what they may not realize is that achieving financial stability is still possible. In this episode, Royal Standley explains what people in this particular situation can do to gain financial stability and help get them on the best possible path forward.

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Episode 19: Tips for the Recent College Grad

Graduating from college is usually an exciting time for young people, but trying to figure out the next step can feel daunting. In this episode, Royal Standley shares useful tips on how recent graduates can lay the right foundation early on.

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Episode 18: Meet the Oregon Pacific family - Introducing Ron Naumann

Knowing your team is fundamental to achieving success. In this episode of Life By Design Podcast, we meet Ron Naumann, who has been an advisor at Oregon Pacific for 18 years. Ron has taken his professional life on a path he never expected: He went from working as a manufacturing engineer to becoming an accomplished financial advisor. Learn what inspired Ron to become a financial advisor.

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Episode 17: How to Recognize a Scam and Avoid Becoming a Victim

There are many types of scams and some of them are fairly sophisticated. It’s no wonder that people fall victim to scams more often than not. For Royal Standley, prevention is the best tool against scammers. In this podcast, Royal gives you insight into the mechanisms that scammers use to get your attention and strategies you can use to avoid scams.

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Episode 16: Your Top Life Insurance Questions Answered

Life insurance, with all of its moving pieces, can be a difficult concept to understand. Considering that there are different types of insurance policies to sift through, how can you make an informed decision?

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Episode 15: Meet Oregon Pacific Advisor Rich Todd

Financial planner Rich Todd shares with us his background and experience, what inspired him to start his career in financial planning, and how he manages to give clients a new perspective on their money.

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Episode 14:  Building Your Financial Success Team

To have success in your financial life, you need to have a team that can provide you with the best professional advice. Finding the right team can save you from making costly mistakes, and that can make a huge difference in your financial future.

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Episode 13:  Is Diversifying into Real Estate Right for You?

It is a well-known fact that diversifying into real estate is one of the best ways for Americans to build wealth. But the decision to diversify into real estate shouldn’t be taken lightly. 

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Episode 12: Let's Talk About Your Money and Your Taxes

Money. It’s not the easiest subject to talk about or the most comfortable. But today, you can rely on Royal Standley’s experience as he sheds more light on important subjects to help you plan for your financial future. This episode is all about understanding what different ways of gaining and saving money could mean for your tax return.

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Episode 11: Answers to Clients' Most-Asked Questions: Part 3

Asking the right questions will get you the right answers. This becomes especially important when you are choosing a financial advisor. In the last part of his most-asked-questions miniseries, Royal Standley uncovers information frequently requested by potential clients.

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Episode 10: Answers to Clients' Most-Asked Questions: Part 2

Are you thinking about working with a financial planner, but you’re not sure what questions to ask? Then you’re in the right place! Royal Standley is back to answer your biggest questions about working with a financial advisor. In part two, you’ll learn the answers to the most-asked questions that potential clients ask him and his team at Oregon Pacific Financial Advisors.

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Episode 9: Answers to Clients' Most-Asked Questions: Part 1 

Imagine walking into a financial planner’s office for the first time. What questions would you ask before deciding to work with that person? Royal Standley is here to answer your biggest questions. Working off a list of his clients’ most-asked questions, Royal gives forthright and detailed answers, while also sharing helpful planning advice along the way

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Episode 8: How to Use Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps

What comes to mind when you think of having financial peace? Perhaps you envision paying off your debt, boosting your savings, or not having to worry about the future. Royal Standley helps clients achieve all of the above through Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps, which focuses on changing money-related behaviors through a proven step-by-step plan.

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Episode 7: Planning for Lifetime Charitable Giving

With the holiday season quickly approaching, more and more people are beginning to think about their charitable giving. In this episode, Royal Standley talks about the importance of finding what speaks to your heart when you’re choosing which organizations to support

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Episode 6: It’s Never Too Soon to Start Estate Planning

Did you know that everyone has an estate plan, even if they don’t have a will or a living trust?  But when people pass away without a prepared will or a trust, their heirs are chosen by the laws of whichever state they lived in. Maintain control of what happens to your assets by working on your estate plan. Royal Standley is here to simplify the process and guide you through it.

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Episode 5: How to Plan for Risks Through Financial Planning

In his last episode, Royal Standley talked about nine types of risk that could impact your returns. Now Royal is back to explain how he addresses those risks through his financial planning process. He is on a mission to create the best possible outcomes for clients.

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Episode 4: Are You Aware of These Nine Risks to Your Portfolio?

There are nine types of risk that could not only impact your investment returns, but also your overall financial plan. Listen here as Royal Standley outlines each type of risk and shares strategies he uses to help reduce their effect on clients’ investment portfolios.

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Episode 3: A Walk Through the Life By Design™ Guided Discovery Process

Meeting with a financial advisor for the first time can be overwhelming when you don’t know what to expect. Today, Royal Standley eliminates the unknown by walking you through the first step in Oregon Pacific Financial Advisors’ Life By Design™ process, otherwise known as their guided discovery.

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Episode 2: How the Life By Design™ Process Can Help You Dream Big

Royal discusses the Life By Design™ process in-depth, walking you through the steps he takes with clients and sharing the questions he asks to help clients articulate their goals. Royal also explains how the process helps to clear away clients’ financial headaches, so they can live their best lives.

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Episode 1: Introduction to Royal Standley, President & CEO of Oregon Pacific Financial Advisors

In this inaugural episode of the Life By Design Podcast, Royal helps you to get to know him by sharing how he came to work in the financial industry and why he’s devoted to helping “real people who are getting ready to retire.”

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