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Emma Nelson, ChFC®

Emma Nelson, ChFC®

Financial Planner

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Helping people build the financial resources to live their lives to the fullest is what inspires Emma Nelson in her work. “I like coming alongside people and working with them as part of their team,” Emma says. “The educational side of it is a big part of what draws me in.”

Emma, who joined the Oregon Pacific Financial Advisors team in 2019, says she is especially interested in helping young adults make the critical decisions that will help secure them a bright financial future. “Time moves so fast,” she says. “I want to help them realize that now is the best time to make your money work for you.”

Emma began her career in 2012 in operations with Umpqua Investments, Inc. She then served as a registered assistant with Umpqua for three years before working with Summit Brokerage Services, Inc. for another three years. “I’ve known Royal [Standley, President & CEO of Oregon Pacific Financial Advisors] since we volunteered together in 2005 at Barnstormers Theatre in Grants Pass,” she states. “In 2019, when I went into the Oregon Pacific office to meet the team, everything just clicked. I really appreciate Oregon Pacific’s emphasis on customer service that is sometimes lost in this industry.”

A Southern Oregon native, Emma and her two daughters live in Medford with their dog Watson. She likes to stay active, enjoying “anything outdoors,” including gardening, hiking, camping, snowboarding and skiing. “I’ve been all over Europe and visited every state, but this is home. I want to continue to help others who live here meet their financial goals.”

Emma remembers Royal telling her once that money buys people time. “That has really stuck with me,” she says. “If I can help people spend more time with the people they love, doing things they enjoy, then I would call that a success.”

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