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Getting Ready for your First Appointment with Royal

What to expect during your first meeting:

When you come in for your first meeting with Royal, we will begin our discovery process to determine what your needs and desires are whether it is planning for retirement, college savings, or saving for the future. From there we begin to outline what the next steps will be–whether it’s designing a financial plan, assisting with estate planning or providing world class investment solutions. You will walk out of your first appointment, with a clear road map of what your next steps are and what the costs will be.

This meeting is designed for Royal to understand where you are currently, get a sense of where you would like to go, and what is important to you. This is also a great time to ask questions and learn more about Royal, Oregon Pacific Financial Advisors, as well as ask any investment or planning questions that you have.

What to bring to your first appointment:

You will want to complete the Life by Design questionnaire, this will help guide Royal in understanding you and your situation. The most efficient and effective meetings are ones where new clients have spent time reviewing the questionnaire and answering both the factual questions (How much money do you have in your retirement accounts?) and the softer questions (How would you describe your ideal retirement?).

You will also want to bring in any investment statements, Social Security Statements, and PERS estimates that you have for Royal to review. This allows Royal to review how you are invested and what you have been doing up until this point. Your most current tax returns are also extremely valuable to the planning process, so we highly recommend that you bring those in as well.

Lastly, write down any questions that you would like to ask Royal about his process and the way that we interact with clients. Please also write down any questions that you have that you feel weren’t addressed in our questionnaire. We want our clients to walk out of their first meetings with all their questions answered.

Anything else?

Taking the Riskalyze questionnaire on our website prior to your first appointment is also very helpful. This additional questionnaire allows us to put into context your current investments and how you should be investing going forward.

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Forms you will need:

      Life by Design Questionnaire

      Personal Information Sheet