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Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans

Why a Partner Helps

Why a Partner Helps

A study by the Retirement Advisor Council found that employers who partner with a plan advisor "enjoy superior retirement outcomes for their participants, superior understanding of fiduciary issues, improved plan designs, improved plan arrays, improved overall asset allocation among plan participants, more reasonable fees, and greater confidence in plan compliance and investment options."

If you want more information about this study, you can read more here.

CARES Act: The recent CARES act passage made significant changes to your participants' options for taking distributions and loans. Some of these changes can have major consequences to participants' lives if they are not handled with care and education. 

SECURE Act: The most sweeping and widely discussed changes brought about by the SECURE Act were how retirement accounts were affected.

By working with an advisor team that understands these changes you can help your participants make the best choices for their situation.

How We Can Help

Plan Compliance Review: We offer a no-obligation audit of your existing plan document and will compare it against how the actual plan is administered in case  corrections can save your plan money on fees or perhaps provide better services.

Cost-Benefit Analysis of Fees: One of the most pressing fiduciary issues for plan sponsors is the need to make sure the plan fees are reasonable. We can help plan sponsors compare fees and services and, most critically, document actions to help protect against participant claims.

Financial Wellness Program: We can help with education sessions for your employees, such as seminars, webinars, and one-on-one meetings with plan participants to cover basic financial literacy topics.

Educational Materials: We can provide you with collateral materials that you can distribute to your employees that can help explain basic financial and retirement planning topics.

Regulatory Updates: We can provide you with updates to the regulatory environment, including recent court rulings on expense ratios, fiduciary duties and other important standards.

Identify Plan Fiduciaries and Help Document Actions: There is often a lot of confusion about who qualifies as an ERISA fiduciary and what their obligations are. We can help you identify who is acting as a fiduciary and document their work on behalf of participants.

Schedule your plan review today

We are talking to plan sponsors about these changes while at the same time discussing ways to lower costs and increase employee education at this critical time. This includes 401(k), 403(b), Solo 401(k)SIMPLE IRA, SEP IRA, Pension and Profit Sharing plans.

If your plan has low participation rates, improper asset allocation or if you'd like a comprehensive plan review, we can help.

Schedule your complimentary plan review today by calling our office at (541) 772-1116 or use the calendars below.

Strategies for Increasing Employee Success

Strategies for Increasing Employee Success

Research shows that employees have better retirement outcomes when plan sponsors provide greater support. We developed this special guide to help sponsors improve employee engagement and savings behavior.

Click below for your free Strategies for Increasing Employee Success guide.

Have you heard?

Have you heard?

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